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The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka urged citizens not to leave their homes in connection with the protests

756573696883370The Chinese diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka advises citizens, if possible, not to leave their homes on the street in connection with violent anti-government protests in this island state.

This statement was published on Saturday on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotta.
"Mass protests are taking place in Sri Lanka, the participants of which broke into the presidential residence. Many people were injured during the demonstrations," it says. - The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka urges citizens to closely monitor the security situation. It is absolutely impossible to participate in protest actions or observe them, <...> we need to strengthen measures to ensure our own safety and go out as little as possible."
The statement stresses that Chinese citizens in Sri Lanka should comply with local laws and stay in touch at all times. "In case of an emergency, please contact the embassy for assistance," it clarifies.
Sri Lanka is experiencing the worst economic crisis since independence in 1948, which has led to socio-political tensions. Protests against the deterioration of living conditions of the population began in April. The difficult situation is caused by a reduction in foreign tourism due to the pandemic, which led to a shortage of foreign exchange reserves. The authorities were forced to introduce austerity of resources and reduce imports.