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More than 100 thousand people attended the Cultural heritage Festival in Sanya on Hainan

ueq0vdCKCsIxQ63dUShgThe Department of Tourism, Culture, Broadcasting and Sports of Hainan, together with the administration of Sanya City, successfully held the Second Nanshan Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which lasted three weeks and aroused great interest among tourists visiting the island.

According to the newspaper "Sanya Zhibao", more than 100 thousand people got acquainted with the festive events.
This year the festival was held under the slogan "Connection with modernity: we will reveal the fascinating splendor". Among the main events that have attracted the attention of the public is a fashion show in the style of the Li small nation (an autochthonous ethnic group that inhabited the island more than 3 thousand years ago - approx. TASS), an exhibition of the intangible heritage of Hainan, a cultural fair and a demonstration of the gastronomic delights of the province, an event with the participation of Nepal dedicated to the art of handicrafts. In addition, the organizers held a photo exhibition, a design competition, and a round table during which measures to stimulate the development of rural regions were discussed.
During the festival, in-person and online format, trading promotions and sales took place, which aroused great interest among consumers. It is assumed that these events will strengthen the relationship between traditions and modernity, involve even more people in activities to preserve and enrich the culture of Hainan.
The first festival of intangible heritage in the tourist zone "Nanshan" on the coast of the South China Sea was held in June 2021 and lasted exactly a week. The purpose of this event is to draw the attention of the Chinese and foreign public to the cultural heritage of Hainan, to reveal the uniqueness and richness of local traditions dating back several thousand years.
Sanya is a leading Chinese resort, where more than 1 million people live. In 2021, its gross product reached 83.5 billion yuan (approximately $13.2 billion), an increase of 12.1%. The average annual air temperature in this city is 25.4 degrees Celsius, and the length of the coastline exceeds 200 km. There are 19 bays and about 40 islands suitable for recreation in the adjacent water area - all this allows the local administration to successfully develop yacht tourism and beach holidays.