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The Chinese Foreign Ministry demanded that NATO stop denigrating Beijing

1796940930 0 160 3072 1888 1920x0 80 0 0 9520624c8bd7d2c04f1e7be1048a4505NATO should stop denigrating China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Thursday, commenting on the alliance's new strategic concept.

According to the diplomat, the new strategic concept of NATO "ignores the facts, passing off black for white," "denigrates China's foreign policy, makes irresponsible remarks about China's normal military development and national defense policy," and also encourages confrontation and Cold War mentality and ideological bias. "China is seriously concerned about this and strongly opposes it," Zhao Lijian said.
In its new strategic concept, NATO claims that China's policy contradicts the interests and values of the organization.
The new strategic concept of NATO for the period up to 2030 was approved at the Madrid summit. The Strategic Concept of NATO is a key document of the alliance. It confirms the values of NATO, the goals of the organization, and also contains a collective assessment of the security situation. "The PRC demonstrates ambitions and pursues policies contrary to our interests, our security and our values," the concept emphasizes.
According to NATO, China uses a set of political, economic and military measures "to strengthen its presence in the world." The alliance indicated that China's intentions and the goals of its military strengthening remain vague. "His malicious hybrid actions or actions in cyberspace, hostile rhetoric, disinformation are aimed at allies and threaten the security of the alliance," the concept states.