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The DPRK registered 96 thousand patients with high fever in a day

hd 767a95d9c1The DPRK registered more than 96 thousand new patients with high fever during the day, about 3.64 million people fell ill in total, the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) reported.

Earlier it was reported that North Korea, due to the appearance of cases of coronavirus in the country, put into effect an "emergency anti-epidemic system of the highest category."
The number of patients who had an elevated temperature from the end of April to May 30 is approximately 3.64 million people, among them about 3.46 million people (94.98%) have already recovered, and more than 182 thousand people (about 5%) are still undergoing treatment. Exact data on exactly what proportion of patients with fever is sick with COVID-19 is not given.
There have been no new deaths in the last day, the total number of victims so far is 70 people (0.002%). It was reported that at least one of the deceased, the analysis revealed a variant of the coronavirus strain "omicron" BA.2, the so-called "stealth omicron".
The DPRK health authorities are in-depth studying patients with fever and recovering throughout the country to determine the characteristics of the virus. The production of medicines and reagents for tests to determine coronavirus is accelerating. More than a million medical workers, teachers and students of medical institutions, orderlies have been mobilized, they conduct examinations, treatment, disinfection. There are 10 thousand mobile anti-epidemic detachments in the country.
With the increase in the possibilities of testing patients, the official media of the DPRK began to openly refer to the "malignant pandemic" in their messages as a coronavirus.