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In Shanghai, the population has completed testing for covid

3Partial or complete lockdown in certain areas of Shanghai will continue until the completion of work on the analysis of data that were obtained during Monday's testing for covid of the entire population of the metropolis, where more than 24 million people live permanently.

This is stated in the message of the city administration, published in its official account in the WeChat messenger.

A new round of mass testing was fully completed on April 4, after which, according to the local government, work on testing, personnel transfer, as well as data analysis will continue in due course. The decision to lift the restrictions will be made after this work is completed, the authorities said. The city administration did not specify how long it would take.

Currently, a full or partial lockdown regime has been in effect in almost all districts of Shanghai since March 28. Residents are forced to stay in their homes and undergo tests for coronavirus. For some residential complexes, the home quarantine regime has been going on since mid-March, when a mass testing campaign for covid began in the city. The restrictive measures of the authorities are associated with the number of asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus, which has been increasing over the past few weeks as testing for covid increases. Over the past day, more than 8.5 thousand were identified in the city . asymptomatic infected and 425 cases of covid.

According to the rules in force in China, with a positive test for covid, regardless of the condition of the infected, hospitalization or placement in a centralized quarantine is required. Even in the case of an asymptomatic course of the disease, the infected person is not left in home quarantine. In order to cope with the flow of asymptomatic patients, a number of stadiums and large exhibition centers of the city were converted into centralized quarantine facilities.

On Monday, the authorities organized testing for coronavirus of the entire population of the metropolis, or rather, additionally covered those areas that had not previously received such close attention. The results have not been published yet. To help in the implementation of large-scale anti-epidemic measures, the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China sent about 2 thousand doctors to Shanghai. Thousands of medical workers are also sent to the city from various regions of the country.