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Sinopec predicts the price of oil in 2022 at $100 per barrel


The Chinese oil and gas company Sinopec predicts that the price of oil this year will be at the level of about $ 100 per barrel, writes "TASS".

In 2023, it will drop to $85 dollars. This was announced at a press conference on Monday by the chairman of the management Board of the company Ma Yongsheng.
"The conjuncture of oil prices in the future is still very uncertain. According to preliminary calculations, this year and next year it will be about $ 100 and 85, respectively," the Chinese newspaper Shanghai Zhengquanbao quotes him as saying.
"There are a lot of factors that influence oil prices right now. Including the geopolitical situation, macroeconomic trends, the implementation of their policies by OPEC+ countries, the volatility of the dollar and others. We have a lot of uncertainty about future oil prices. It is hardly possible to talk about accurate forecasts now, only about approximate trends," he added.