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The strongest outbreak of coronavirus was recorded in China

aQ8hz1C5nNC5AEqOyTFRlxeKOPHkVKpS normalThe strongest outbreak of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic is associated with the "stealth omicron".

This strain is spreading faster than the usual "omicron", the Associated Press reported.

The Chinese authorities have already announced 1,337 new cases of coronavirus. The epidemic is raging in different cities of the country, the most cases have been identified in Jilin province.

In addition, 75 cases of the disease were detected in the city of Shenzhen – a lockdown was introduced there. Another 41 cases were reported in Shanghai – the city was also quarantined.

"On the first day of the outbreak, everyone was tested for coronavirus. Then they put everyone in quarantine. My community was closed, special barrier tapes were hung at the exit. The whole of Shanghai was shut down. Nobody goes to work either," Nina, a Russian woman who now lives in Shanghai, told NIA-CHINA.

She also noted that while everyone will be quarantined for 14 days. After 2 weeks, the government decided to extend the IL "lockdown".

It should be noted that the incidence in China began to grow in early March. In most cases, a variant of the BA strain is detected.2, also known as "stealth omicron".

China remains one of the few countries in the world that adheres to the policy of "zero tolerance" for COVID-19. The country introduces strict "lockdowns" and mandatory quarantine for those who have come into contact with infected citizens.

During the entire period of the pandemic in China, about 117 thousand cases of coronavirus infection and more than 4.6 thousand deaths from the consequences of the disease were detected.