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China has created a unique device for observing the Sun

ff8a331d 2400 4d55 bf6f eb8fb19a3f1bThe Main Thing". Chinese scientists have developed a solar spectrometer to register electromagnetic radiation fluxes of extremely high frequency of the radio frequency range, according to the newspaper "Keji Zhibao" (daily newspaper "Science and Technology").

The solar observation system, created by researchers from Shandong University (Jinan, Shandong Province), is the only device in the world for detecting radiation in the range of 35-40 GHz.

The results of a study conducted by the staff of the Institute of Space Sciences of this university were recently published on the website of the international journal Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.

Solar radio spectrometers, as a rule, are designed to study waves with frequencies below 18 GHz. Nevertheless, to measure the spectra of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, direct data of radio waves with higher frequencies are required. In this regard, scientists believe that the novelty will fill a gap in the field of studying solar flares.

A solar flare is a rapid increase in the brightness of areas of the Sun's surface and its atmosphere in a wide range of electromagnetic radiation. The new scientific instrument is expected to help astrophysicists deepen their understanding of the mechanism of this phenomenon, as well as the mechanism of acceleration of charged particles.

The solar flare is directly related to life on Earth. It can cause disturbances in the ionosphere of the planet, which leads to radio communication disruptions, failures in the operation of radio navigation devices of ships and aircraft, accidents on long power lines.

The scientific group started developing a new solar spectrometer at the end of 2017. For more than two years of operation, the sample of the device has collected enormous observational data