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Schools and kindergartens in Beijing started a new academic semester

603c5a92e4b0fc4195322eb7Schools and kindergartens in Beijing opened after New Year holidays.

Spring semester started on March, 2.

However, before opening the doors to students all schools and kindergartens were tested for compliance with anti-coronavirus measures.

Many schools organized a special introductory lesson for students, and some invited professors to give speech.

Some educational institutions had some special safety lessons for children and their parents, where they were told how to protect themselves and avoid the risks of COVID-19 infection.

It should be noted that colleges also plan to open their doors and start new semester in March. But some of them opened their doors to students on February 19.

Li Yi, a spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said all educational institutions in Beijing will be able to resume classes after receiving permission from the authorities.

Earlier "NIA-China" said that Chinese schools and kindergartens will check kids vaccine certificates.