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A new Russian center has been created in China

1760854624 0 0 762 572 1920x0 80 0 0 7522ca108a761b24a5e16462ba963cc9 1On November 28, a new Russian center was established in China, which will operate on the basis of the SCO demonstration zone of cooperation in Qingdao.

Investments in the project amount to 2 billion yuan (312.5 million dollars). The center with an area of 200 thousand square meters will become a new platform for the development of interregional cooperation, as well as interaction in the fields of science and technology, agriculture, tourism.

The SCO Demonstration Cooperation Zone in Qingdao was established in 2018. 54 funds for the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation have already been established on its basis. Among them is the Russian-Chinese energy fund with an authorized capital of 10 billion yuan, RIA Novosti writes.