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More than 3 thousand medical wellness brands presented at the exhibition in China

В Китае с успехом прошла 10 я Тайчжоуская международная медицинская выставка copyAbout 500 organizations participated in the event of the fifth Hainan International Exhibition of the healthcare industry, the newspaper "Hainan Daily" reported.

The exhibition opened under the motto "By all means to a healthy future with the dream of a free trade port".
The exhibition halls are located on an area of 45 thousand square meters. meters.
According to the authorities, the exhibition will significantly accelerate the introduction of the latest developments and inventions in the field of pharmaceuticals and modern specialized equipment.
The organizers of the exhibition said that its main task is to encourage investors and companies operating in the field of healthcare to cooperate, to interest them in the projects of the Hainan Free Trade Port, where there is an intensive formation
The event in Haikou attracted the attention of a number of regions of China, which presented their potential in the field of medicine at it. Many enterprises have demonstrated the latest drugs and equipment that are used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. Part of the exposition was devoted to medical tourism and services related to the healthcare sector.
This time, the visitors of the exhibition were particularly attracted by health-improving and toning food products, modern pharmaceuticals, implants, acupuncture and massage technologies, as well as methods of using medical cans. In addition, smart technologies and the latest developments, including in the field of remote treatment, aroused great interest.
The Hainan International Healthcare Industry Exhibition is considered one of the key events of the province during the 14th five-year plan (2021-2025). This is an important platform for establishing partnership contacts between the southernmost Chinese province and other countries in the field of medicine. Thanks to her, a clearer picture of Hainan as an important regional center for the provision of high-quality medical services is gradually being formed in the world, writes TASS.