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Chinese scientists have found a universal antibody to COVID-19

796x448Chinese scientists are developing a number of antibody-based drugs for COVID-19.

Researchers at Peking University said they had found a universal antibody capable of suppressing any variants of a new type of coronavirus. It was codenamed DXP-604. On its basis, a number of medicines have been developed, some of which are in the second stage of clinical trials, which are being conducted at the Beijing Ditan Hospital.

Meanwhile, Brii Biosciences is already conducting the third stage of clinical trials of drugs based on BRII-196 and BRII-198 antibodies developed jointly with Tsinghua University and Shenzhen People's Hospital. Experiments show that they reduce the risk of severe course or death from COVID-19 by 78%.

At the same time, all doctors emphasize that the imminent appearance of effective drugs from COVID-19 does not mean that it is necessary to abandon vaccination, which remains the main tool for combating the spread of infection. As of November 6, 2.32 billion doses of coronavirus pneumonia vaccines have already been introduced in China, and in some cities the vaccination rate exceeds 90%.