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Fossilized bones of the skull of an ancient man were found in China

crop 921 518Chinese scientists have discovered fossils of two human skulls, Xinhua news agency reports, citing local archaeologists and anthropologists.

According to the agency, the fossils were found in one of the caves of the central Chinese province of Henan. It is noted that the discovered skull with an age of 32 thousand years is the earliest known sample of the remains of modern people who lived in the province.

"Anthropologists have stated that the age of two fossils of human skulls found in the cave was determined as 32 thousand and 12 thousand years, respectively," the agency said in a statement.

The head of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archeology of Henan Province, Liu Haiwang, said that the new finds are of great importance in studying the origin and development of modern man in China.

In addition to the fossils of skulls, archaeologists have found more than 10 thousand fragments of bones of horses, goats, bears, deer, wild boars and wolves aged from about 30 thousand to 40 thousand years. In the cave, scientists also found stone tools, including scrapers.