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Restrictions are being introduced in Harbin due to one case of COVID-19 infection

v kitae soobshhili o vozmozhnom novom ochage rasprostranenija covid 19 bc3b597The authorities of Chinese Harbin in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang decided to introduce a number of restrictive measures after one case of COVID-19 infection was detected in the city, according to a statement issued by the local headquarters for combating coronavirus infection.

The local Center for Disease Control and Prevention earlier noted that on Tuesday, the Second People's Hospital of Bayan County reported a patient with a positive result for COVID-19, later he was transported to a local infectious diseases hospital and quarantined for observation and treatment.
The authorities published detailed routes where the infected person was from September 7 to 19, and called on people who came into direct contact with him or were in the same places to immediately contact the house administration and the center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as not to leave the house, strictly observe individual protection measures and provide full assistance to medical workers who will come to them to do a test for COVID-19.
In addition, all residents of the city were urged to participate more actively in the vaccination program, wear protective masks, wash their hands often, do not leave the city without special need and do not travel to high-and medium-risk areas. In case of an increase in body temperature or the appearance of a cough, you should immediately contact doctors. It is also forbidden to spread rumors and false information about the epidemic.
The authorities ordered to suspend the operation of halls for playing majiang (mahjong), baths, cinemas, theaters, karaoke, dance halls, massage parlors, gaming halls, Internet cafes, gyms and fitness centers where classes are held indoors, small hotels that are located in the basement or basement. Some clinics have suspended their work, and it is temporarily not allowed to let outsiders into the temples.
Attractions, including parks, can be visited only by 50% of the usual flow, the administration must ensure strict verification of electronic "health codes"at the entrance. Airports, railway stations, bus stations, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, agricultural markets, pharmacies, exhibition halls, as well as state institutions and enterprises should strengthen their work to control and prevent the spread of the disease, prevent large crowds of people, measure temperature at the entrance, "health codes", check for masks and carry out regular disinfection.
Public transport, including metro and buses, should limit the flow of passengers, buses, ferries and taxis should work with open windows, and drivers and passengers are required to wear masks during the trip