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The Ministry of Culture of China ordered to tighten control over show business

Clinton Global Initia Murp1The ministry noted that the commercial activities of artists "should be strictly controlled".

The Chinese authorities ordered to strengthen control over show business and the activities of artists, "to increase the level of their legal literacy." This was reported on Tuesday by China International Radio.

Artists should be familiar with the copyright law and tax legislation, it is emphasized in a circular distributed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China.

The agency stated that there are certain problems associated with tax evasion by representatives of this sphere, writes TASS.

The document notes that the commercial activities of artists, especially those who work in state cultural institutions, " should be strictly controlled."

The circular also emphasizes the need to identify and stop illegal and unethical activities in the field of show business, to create a "mechanism for checking and evaluating the moral level of artists".