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The Silk Road will have a frigid zone

w arktika 2808The International Conference "The Arctic – the Power of Russia" is being held in Krasnoyarsk.

The forum is attended by representatives of the People's Republic of China.
On August 25, Wang Yuyi, Deputy Director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China, made a report on the State of the Arctic Environmental Environment and proposals for Chinese-Russian Arctic Environmental cooperation.
In her speech, she outlined the current environmental problems of the Arctic regions, stressed the importance of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the Arctic and outlined specific proposals for improving scientific, economic and environmental activities.
"The Arctic is of great value from the point of view of minerals, shipping, research and environmental protection. In recent years, it has attracted even more attention from the world community. The Arctic regions are very rich in both renewable and non-renewable resources. The Arctic is an ideal place for scientists to study global climate change. However, the development of Arctic oil and gas fields and the development of shipping cause a serious degree of pollution up to serious damage to the ecological environment, accelerating the process of melting permafrost," Wang Yuyi said.
Speaking about the relations between Russia and China in the Arctic zone, she stressed that the current Russian-Chinese relations are at the highest level in history and now there is active cooperation in the direction of improving the policy of development of the Arctic. For example, in 2019, China and Russia created a Joint Arctic Research Center, which studies various properties and processes of the Arctic Ocean.
Wang Yuyi said during a conversation at the conference that China stands for the creation of a community with a common future and comes out with the initiative to create the "Arctic belt of the Silk Road".
In addition, she outlined three steps towards the development of the region and cooperation with Russia. The first is strengthening in the scientific sphere and climate conservation. Secondly, it is necessary to take actions to expand international cooperation in the field of protecting biodiversity in the Arctic. The 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity will be held in China in October. This forum will be able to become a platform for discussing issues of biodiversity conservation in the Arctic. And thirdly, Wang Yuyi outlined the need to carry out work in the field of solid waste disposal in Arctic waters.
At the end of her speech, the Deputy director of the Center for International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment of the People's Republic of China said that the development of Sino-Russian relations in the Arctic contributes not only to the sustainable development of the region, but also to an important strategic partnership between the two countries.