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The Chinese named the best street food in Russia

179180738 0 170 3105 1916 1920x0 80 0 0 57608a5888b989e64e6563156467c868A user of the Chinese portal WeChat listed the most delicious types of street food in Russia.

First of all, he drew attention to shawarma, which belongs to the dishes of the Middle East countries, but is very popular in Russia. He called the perfect combination of flatbread, meat and vegetables with various sauces.
The Chinese gourmet did not forget about the pancakes, noting their delicate taste and the smell of fresh milk.
Despite its popularity in China, pilaf, according to the user, is also worth trying during a trip to Russia.
The author also advised to try kvass, which he called a "Slavic soft drink" with a pleasant sour-sweet taste. He recommended combining it with shish kebab, which is eaten in Russia all year round.
For dessert, the Chinese offers Russian ice cream, emphasizing that it melts pleasantly in the mouth.