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Beijing implements 300 infrastructure and innovation projects worth over 1.3 trillion yuan

chuns222Beijing has unveiled a plan to implement 300 key infrastructure and innovation projects with a total investment value of 1.3 trillion yuan (about $ 201.89 billion).

These projects include 100 infrastructure projects and the same number - for improving living conditions.

 In addition, the list of ongoing initiatives also includes one hundred projects for scientific and technological innovation and high-tech industries.

Infrastructure projects include transport, energy, water supply, waste disposal and other areas as xinhuanet informs.

Projects to improve living conditions aim at a balanced distribution of funds for education, health care and other resources. The rest of the projects will help accelerate the construction of an international innovation center and the active construction of a pilot demonstration platform for the digital economy.

Note that some of the projects cover advanced manufacturing industries such as integrated circuits and biomedicine, as well as the financial industry and the service sector.