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China and Russia plan to hold joint military exercises

RUS 4854The head of the Chinese military department, Wei Fenghe, invited Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to come to the active phase of joint exercises that will be held in China in August.

"Next month we will conduct joint exercises on the territory of China. I invite Comrade Minister to the active phase of these exercises, " Wei Fenghe said at a meeting with Shoigu in Dushanbe on Wednesday.

He noted that "I am very glad to meet once again with my great and old friend - the respected Russian Defense Minister Shoigu," stressing that "this meeting was not easy - against the background of the spread of the pandemic."

The Chinese Defense Minister also noted that in the current international situation, his meeting with his Russian counterpart "can be said to please both, but some countries do not like it."

"This is exactly the essence of our meeting," Wei Fenghe said.