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You can give birth: all restrictions on the third child have been liftedin China

bebe 3 copyThe Chinese government has decided to lift all restrictions on the birth of a third child.

This was announced by the Chinese State Council in accordance with the May decision of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on further weakening of birth control.

"To cancel payments of funds for social security, eliminate and cancel the corresponding fines," the State Council said in a statement, quoted by "RIA Novosti".

It also contains the main goals of the"three children policy". By 2025, China wants to create a system of active birth support, increase the level of services for the prenatal, postpartum period and childbirth, significantly reduce the cost of birth, maintenance, upbringing and training of a child, as well as optimally increase the birth rate.

The authorities will also tackle the problem of gender imbalance. It is planned to optimize the demographic structure and quality of the population. The legislation will be amended to encourage marriages and childbirth.

In the 1970s, China introduced a "One family, one child" policy to control population growth. The townspeople were allowed to have one child, and the villagers – two, if the first girl was born.

Later, these measures led to demographic problems. For example, now the average age of the Chinese population is 38.8 years, but the country's authorities are more concerned about the growing proportion of residents over 60 years old.

In 2013, the Chinese government made concessions and allowed to have a second child-first for couples where at least one of the spouses is the only child in their family, and then for other citizens.