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Heavy rain hit Beijing – the strongest since the beginning of the year

5685 gThe capital of China was covered by a heavy downpour.

This was reported by the meteorological department of the city.

They noted that this is the heaviest downpour since the beginning of 2021. On average, about 70 mm of precipitation fell in the capital of China, in some areas - more than 150 mm.

It should be noted that due to bad weather, two Beijing airports – Daxing and Shoudu – canceled several hundred flights.

In addition, classes were canceled in preschool institutions and in primary schools. Universities in Beijing continue to work, but institutions have canceled classes that take place outdoors.

Residents of Beijing are asked to spend as little time as possible on the street and observe the necessary precautions.

Earlier "NIA-China" informed that more than 20 thousand families in China were affected by the hurricane.