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Chinese people's life became longer

s d97224a8f9b3b0457f2bc8b30ed562752288610dLife expectancy has increased in China.

This is reported in the White Book "On the practice of the Communist Party of China in the field of respect and protection of human rights", which was published by the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

The document notes that the number of people living in China has increased by almost 40 years compared to 1949. Then people on average lived to 35 years, and in 2019 this indicator increased to 77.3 years.

The Book also reports that the main indicators for health care in China are on average higher than in middle-and high-income countries.

Thus, the level of protection of the rights to life and to health protection has significantly increased in the PRC. In addition, the maternal mortality rate decreased to 17.8 per 100 thousand, and the infant mortality rate decreased to 5.6.