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The number of victims of the explosion at the Chinese food market has increased by 25 people

210613001526 01 gas pipe explosion shiyan 0613 restricted super teaseThe number of victims of an explosion at a grocery market in the city of Shiyan in Hubei Province has increased to 25 people.

Earlier, China Central Television reported 12 dead and 138 injured citizens.

Rescuers and police continue to work on the site, in total, more than 170 people took part in the operation to eliminate the consequences of the emergency.

There are also several blood transfusion stations in the city.

Recall that the market, near which the explosion occurred, is located on the territory of the m Zhangwan residential complex. In the nearby houses, the shock wave shattered the windows. The market area is completely destroyed.

At the time of the emergency, the market had already started working, there were a lot of people on its territory.