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Partial lockdown was declared in southern China

photoThe authorities of Guangdong province issued an order prohibiting citizens of certain areas of the fifteen-million-strong metropolis from leaving their homes unnecessarily, the Huanquan resource reports.

According to the official order of the Guangzhou government, in connection with the detection of new cases of coronavirus, a lockdown is being introduced on five streets of the city. Citizens living there are not allowed to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. At the same time, in each family, one person can go out for food and other basic necessities, according to the article.

All entertainment venues, sports clubs, and markets have also been shut down. The restaurants located in the specified areas work only "on takeaway", kindergartens were closed, and schoolchildren were partially transferred to online training, the resource writes.

Seven stations of the Guangzhou Metro and 177 bus stops of the bus only operate for disembarking passengers. Mass events are suspended throughout the metropolis. High-risk areas, such as nursing homes, religious institutions, maternity hospitals, etc., have been transferred to the "closed" operation mode, "Huanquan" clarifies.