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An international center for the resolution of commercial disputes has been launched in the free trade port of the Chinese province of Hainan


This was reported by the Chinese newspaper Hainan Zhibao.

The task of the center is to strengthen the international mechanism for the settlement of commercial disputes for different countries and regions of the world, writes Hainan Zhibao. The institution operates on the basis of the People's Court of the Middle level of Hainan Province.

The center provides services in online and offline format. On the first day, at the request of enterprises owned by foreign companies, specialists remotely reviewed seven cases. According to the publication, in all cases, a preliminary agreement on mediation was reached.

A single information platform with a large number of functions was created specifically to ensure the remote operation of the institution. According to experts, the opening of the center has brought Hainan Province closer to creating a diversified mechanism for settling international commercial disputes.