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A student from China won an international competition in Russia


Hou Haiyan, a Chinese student studying in Russia at Kaluga State University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, was among the winners of the International Competition "Tell the World about Your Homeland", which was held with the support of the Presidential Administration of Russia, the Russian society "Znanie" and other departments and organizations.

    The award ceremony for the winners and prize-winners of the large-scale event took place on Friday, June 7, at the International Exhibition-Forum "Russia", which takes place at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNH) in Moscow.

   The project "Tell the World about your Homeland" serves the patriotic education of children and youth from different countries and is designed to help establish friendly international relations between young generations from many countries of the world. In the future, when the children become adults, it is this friendship that will be able to ensure close cooperation and mutually beneficial development for the benefit of peoples.

Hou Haiyan, whose name in Russia is Zhenya, has been living in Russia for 3 years. He stated that he misses his homeland very much.:

   "Therefore, I decided to introduce you to my hometown of Jinan, which is located in China in Shandong Province. Welcome to my Homeland!"

In total, over 16 thousand talented children and young people from 70 countries and all regions of Russia, including new ones, took part in the competition. It should be especially noted that the event was supported by the BRICS+ countries. All members and candidates of this reputable international association sent their best representatives to the competition.

   An important goal of the competition is to create a respectful attitude towards Russia among Russian and foreign youth. It is this country that guarantees the preservation of traditional Russian culture and values, as well as the development of friendly interethnic relations.

The rector of the Harbin Chinese-Russian Research Institute, Academician Jiao Jian, stressed that the competition brought together many countries of the world to solve the main task – to achieve a joint result for the benefit of prosperity:

   "Our main task is to unite the peoples and young generations of our countries. We are extremely interested in the history of Russia, we respect Russian traditions and customs. Moving together, our countries can achieve much more than individually. The international competition "Tell the World about your Homeland", of which I am a member of the honorary jury, is an extremely important project of cultural integration in the BRICS+ space."

Link to the video of Hou Haiyan's speech