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Strong winds caused the passenger service between China and Khabarovsk to stop


Information about this appeared on the Telegram channel of FGKU Rosgranstroy.

Passenger traffic at the river crossing point between Khabarovsk and the Chinese city of Fuyuan was suspended due to worsening weather conditions, Rosgranstroy reports. The reason was the wind with a force of 7 points.

On May 27, the Chinese side decided to suspend the operation of passenger traffic at the Fuyuan river checkpoint (China) - Khabarovsk (Russia), the Telegram channel reports. According to preliminary information, it will resume on May 28.

Adverse weather conditions are recorded throughout the Khabarovsk Territory. Forecasters warn of rain and strong winds up to 14 m/s. The most dangerous situation is predicted in the Khabarovsk and Nanai districts.