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China accused Japan and the Republic of Korea of violating the "one China" principle


Beijing protested against the visit of representatives of these countries to Taiwan.

Lawmakers from Japan and the Republic of Korea attended the inauguration ceremony of the head of the Taiwanese administration, Lai Qingde, in Taipei. The Chinese Embassy in Seoul said that this grossly violates the principle of "one China" and the spirit of the communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea.

The Chinese embassy urged to refrain from any support for separatist forces advocating Taiwan independence. In addition, the Chinese side called on the countries to take practical actions to protect the common interests of China and South Korea.

As for Japan, it should be more careful in its words and deeds, according to the embassy. The country has colonized Taiwan for a long time and bears a serious historical responsibility. Beijing believes that the Japanese government has violated its obligations on the Taiwan issue.