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The Chinese Foreign Ministry called false statements about Chinese espionage activities


This was stated at a briefing by the official representative of the Chinese diplomatic department, Wang Wenbin.

Wang Wenbin made such a statement, commenting on the arrest of an employee of the bureau of one of the German MEPs for allegedly spying for Beijing. The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry called the actions of Germany anti-Chinese political manipulation.

According to him, Germany's goal is to discredit and suppress China, as well as destroy the atmosphere of cooperation between China and Europe. Wang Wenbin expressed hope that the relevant persons in Germany would abandon the Cold War mentality and stop using the so-called risk of espionage to organize anti-Chinese political manipulations.

Beijing strongly opposes such hype and calls for an end to anti-Chinese political manipulation and malicious slander, Wang Wenbin stressed. Earlier, the German Prosecutor General's Office announced the detention of a German MEP on suspicion of collaborating with Chinese intelligence services.