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In China, they said that the United States still misunderstands China


This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang Yi made the statement on the sidelines of the 2nd session of the National People's Congress of the 14th convocation. He stressed that the United States still misunderstands China after the historic meeting of the leaders of the two countries in San Francisco last November.

During the meeting, a consensus was reached, he said, and directions were outlined to stop the further deterioration of relations between the two countries and stabilize them. But U.S. misconceptions about China still persist, and the promises they made have not actually been fulfilled.

China's methods of suppression are constantly being updated, the list of unilateral sanctions is constantly expanding, and the scale of the attributed accusations has reached an unimaginable level, Wang Yi noted. He also recalled that at the San Francisco summit, US President Joe Biden confirmed to Chinese President Xi Jinping that Washington does not seek a new cold war.