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The annual session of the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Council has opened in Beijing


The session of the supreme advisory body will last until March 10.

The event started at the People's Assembly House in the center of Beijing. It will be attended by more than two thousand representatives from government agencies, the Armed Forces, religious denominations, political organizations, scientific enterprises, as well as delegates from the special administrative regions of the People's Republic of China — Hong Kong and Macau.

The opening ceremony will be addressed by the Chairman of the CC NPCC, Wang Huning, who will present a report on the work of the standing committee. He will also read out a report on the implementation of the proposals of the first session of the National Committee, which took place a year ago.

During the session, it is planned to discuss proposals for achieving the goals for the implementation of Chinese modernization. Issues such as demography, including an aging population and a low birth rate, and youth employment will also be raised. The proposals of the CC NPCC will be submitted to the deputies of the National People's Congress, the main legislative body.