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The Chinese authorities have made changes to the policy of visa-free travel to Hainan Province for citizens of several countries


This was reported by the Chinese Xinhua news agency.

The changes will take effect on February 9th. From this date, residents of Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Japan, the United States and France will be able to visit the southern province of Hainan not only for tourist purposes.

The reasons for visa-free travel are medical treatment, visits to relatives, participation in exhibitions and sports competitions. In addition, visa-free access is available for those who need to come to Hainan for business purposes. The duration of stay in the province will be 30 days.

The Chinese authorities stressed that the new policy is aimed at promoting reforms and openness in Hainan in all directions. It is also designed to support the construction of a free trade port, through which the island is planned to be turned into a special customs zone.