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China says the United States is conducting cyber attacks against its allies


This was stated by the press secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Wenyu.

A representative of the Chinese embassy made such a statement in response to a request to comment on allegations that Chinese hackers had been infiltrating the computer networks of critical US facilities for 5 years. The American side should think about itself, and not blame others, he believes.

Liu Pengyu referred to a report by 360 Digital Security Group on the creation of cybersecurity threats. It details the U.S. government's implementation of a cyber-deterrence strategy on a global scale and indiscriminate cyber attacks against U.S. allies and other countries.

China does not encourage, support or condone hackers, the representative of the Chinese embassy stressed. Moreover, the republic is one of the main victims of cyber attacks. According to Liu Pengyu, China takes a firm stand against all forms of cyber attacks and resorts to legitimate methods to combat them.