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A devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake has occurred in Northwestern China


The earthquake occurred on the night of December 18-19. At the moment, 118 people are known to have died.

As a result of the incident, almost 5,000 houses were damaged or completely destroyed. The epicenter of the tragedy was the village of Lugou Jishishan-Baoan-Dongxiang-Salar Autonomous County of Linxia-Hui Autonomous Region. 105 people died there and 186 were injured.

The incident also affected the neighboring Qinghai Province. Now it is known about 13 dead residents, 20 people are missing.

In addition to police officers, firefighters and medics, units of the People's Liberation Army of China and the formation of the People's Armed Police have been sent to the destroyed village of Lugou. Work has been organized on the urgent delivery of basic necessities, including tents, folding beds, blankets, portable stoves.

Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed to do everything possible to search and rescue people who may remain under the rubble in the affected areas. He also ordered that every effort be made to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy.