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The Chinese authorities urged the residents of Taiwan not to be afraid of the anti-espionage measures used in China

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According to Chen Xinhua, the official representative of the Taiwan Affairs Office at the State Council of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese authorities are promoting the development of healthy relations between Beijing and Taipei.

Chen Xinhua believes that Taiwanese compatriots should not be afraid of anti-espionage measures in force in mainland China, if they do not violate the law. After arriving in mainland China, they have nothing to fear, he stressed at a press conference on October 11.

The Chinese authorities protect the legitimate rights of compatriots from Taiwan, the official representative recalled. The "Anti-Espionage Law" has been in force in China since November 2014. In April, the Chinese Parliament adopted amendments concerning cyber attacks on state institutions. After that, according to the National Security Administration of Taiwan, Chinese special services allegedly began to interrogate Taiwanese residents arriving in mainland China more often.