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The cable car to China via Amur will transport almost 1.8 thousand people per hour

4 copy copyThe world's first cross-border cable car from Russia to China, which is planned to be launched in 2025 across the Amur River, will be able to transport more than 1.7 thousand people per hour.

This is reported in the presentation of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Amur region Pavel Puzanov.
"The key characteristics of the first cross-border cable car are: two independent lines on two supports, two cabins, the length of the road is 976 m, 1,788 people per hour - the technical capacity of two lines in one direction," follows from Puzanov's presentation, which he presented during the PPP week in Moscow.
Each cabin is designed for 110 passengers. The interval between flights will not exceed 12-15 minutes.
Puzanov recalled that earlier, due to sanctions, difficulties arose during construction, but now the facility is in the active phase of construction. The regional authorities plan to launch a cable car in 2025. "The cable car is an anchor around which a modern hotel chain will be created. The new project will be implemented under a concession scheme - a congress hall with an expocenter for business cooperation between Russia and China in the immediate vicinity," Puzanov stressed.
The authorities of the Amur Region and the Region Group of Companies announced the start of construction of a 973 m cable car over the Amur River between Russia and China in July 2019. It is expected that the passenger traffic of the cable car will amount to 1.3 million people per year, writes TASS.