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In the south of China, an orange danger level was declared due to super typhoon Saola

original copy copy copy copy copy copy copyThe Chinese Meteorological Administration has declared an orange danger level in the south of China due to super typhoon Saola, which is moving towards the southern coast of the country.

This was reported by China Central Television.
The wind speed in its central part reaches 62 m/s. The epicenter of the typhoon is currently located about 500 km southeast of the eastern coast of southern Guangdong Province. The Saola is moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of about 2.8-4.2 m/s and is expected to reach the eastern coast of Guangdong Province and the southern coastal areas of eastern Fujian Province on September 1.
After that, the super typhoon is expected to continue moving along the coast in a westerly or southwesterly direction. At the time of approach to the coast, the wind speed in the central part of it can be up to 52 m/s.
The authorities of Guangdong and Fujian provinces are taking the necessary preventive measures. Ships at sea are ordered to take refuge in safe ports. Large-scale outdoor work has been suspended in coastal areas. There is an evacuation of the population from potentially dangerous areas and residential buildings that may be damaged by the impact of the typhoon.
Formed to the east of the Philippines, the ninth typhoon of this season, "Saola", intensified to a super typhoon on August 27. It is expected that its center on Thursday night will pass 150 km south of Taiwan, cross the Luzon Strait and head towards the coast of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, writes TASS.