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The city of Sanya on Hainan has entered the list of the most popular destinations in China among motorists

maxresdefault copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copyThe resort town of Sanya on the southern coast of Hainan Island in the current summer season has entered the list of the most popular destinations in China among motorists.

This is stated in an analytical report published by the leading online travel agency of China, Symbian.
According to him, the list of places most frequently visited by fans of traveling by car also includes the administrative center of Hainan, the city of Haikou. Other localities recognized as the most popular destinations are Chengdu (southwestern Sichuan Province), Urumqi (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwestern China), Kunming and Dali (southwestern Yunnan Province), Guiyang (southern Guizhou Province), Xi'an (northwestern Shaanxi), Xining (northwestern Qinghai) and Guangzhou (southern Guangdong).
In addition, according to the report, the Hainan ring road, which encircles the island along the perimeter, has become one of the most popular routes in China for individual recreation among tourists traveling by their own or rented vehicles. As noted by the general director of the service of the car leasing division of the company, Song Zhen, this season, as the tourist flow increases, the demand for car rental is also growing rapidly.
"As for the long-term perspective, the changing travel style of the younger generation has an increasing impact on the industry," he said. "Young people love freedom, enjoy life and prefer to rent cars."
According to the online agency, this summer the volume of orders for rental vehicles in China increased by 80%, and compared to the same period of the pre-pandemic 2019 - by 4.5 times. According to the company's calculations, the average tourist's expenses for car leasing services have increased by 18% in the country over 5 years, writes TASS.