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Meteorologists predict that Doxuri will turn into a super typhoon on July 26

The fifth typhoon this year in the Pacific region, Doxuri, will continue to gain strength in the coming days.

As the Hong Kong Meteorological Observatory reported on Monday, it will turn into a super typhoon this Wednesday.
This is expected to happen when the Doksuri crosses the Luzon Strait between the Philippines and Taiwan. The speed of wind gusts in the super typhoon will reach 54 m/s, and its radius will increase from 100 to 300 km.
According to the forecast of Hong Kong meteorologists, after the Doksuri crosses the strait, the epicenter of the super typhoon will pass 150 km west of Taiwan, after which the elements will hit the coast of the eastern province of Fujian on Friday night.
Tropical storm Doxuri formed on Friday to the east of the Philippines. And on Sunday evening it intensified to a typhoon. Currently, the tropical cyclone is located 1 thousand km southeast of Taiwan. The speed of wind gusts inside it reaches 48 meters per second, writes TASS.
Doxuri became the second typhoon in this region since the beginning of the month: last week, a similar tropical cyclone Talim passed by Hong Kong, and then hit the coast of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong between the cities of Zhanjiang (population about 1.95 million people) and Leizhou (280 thousand). Super Typhoon Doxuri is expected to be more powerful than Talim.