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In China, a kindergarten teacher was executed for poisoning children with a toxic substance

ui 5c62537a2918d6.79874000The middle-level People's Court of Jiaozuo, Henan Province, confirmed the execution of a former kindergarten teacher who poisoned 25 children with sodium nitrite.

This was reported on Friday by the publication "Penpai".
In one of the kindergartens of Jiaozuo city in March 2019, mass food poisoning was recorded. After the investigation, the police found out that the teacher Wang Yun added sodium nitrite to the porridge of preschoolers. 25 children were injured, one of the poisoned died after 10 months of treatment.
The motive of the crime was a conflict with a colleague from kindergarten, writes "TASS".
Investigators also found out that in 2017, due to a domestic quarrel, a woman poured sodium nitrite into her husband's drink, as a result of which he received moderate poisoning.
The poisoner was executed on July 13, the newspaper notes.