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China and Russia are working to simplify group tourist trips

puteshestvie v kitaiWu Xi, Director of the Consular Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, noted that Beijing's visa strategy "has completely returned to the pre-pandemic level".

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, together with the Russian side, is working on measures to simplify group tourist trips. This was stated on Wednesday by the director of the consular department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wu Xi, writes TASS.
"China and the Russian Federation have signed an agreement on group tourist trips. <...> Recently, we have been in contact with the Russian side to take more measures to simplify [trips] based on the existing bilateral agreement," she said at a briefing organized by the Chinese Public Diplomacy Association in Beijing.
As Wu Xi clarified, the PRC's visa strategy "has completely returned to the pre-pandemic level." According to her, passenger traffic between China and other countries is "recovering very quickly."
"As for the issued visas, their number is constantly increasing," Wu Xi added. "However, in order for [passenger traffic] to fully recover, it may still take some time."