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China has declared its readiness to start negotiations on a free trade agreement with Honduras

photo lChina supports the early start of negotiations on a free trade agreement with Honduras.

This was stated on Monday by the President of the People's Republic of China at a meeting with the President of this Central American Republic, Siomara Castro.
"China will actively contribute to the speedy promotion of goods from Honduras to the Chinese markets. We are ready to start the process of negotiations on a free trade agreement with Honduras as soon as possible," Xi Jinping is quoted as saying on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
He noted that both countries need to strengthen strategic connectivity and promote common development through the Chinese trade and economic initiative "One Belt, One Road".
"China strongly supports Honduras' efforts to protect national sovereignty and independence, promote development and improve the standard of living of the population," Xi Jinping said.
According to him, China is ready to intensify the exchange of experience with the Central American country in the field of public administration, as well as to share experience in the field of poverty eradication and the fight against corruption.
Castro is on his first state visit to China from June 9 to 14 at the invitation of Xi Jinping. At the end of March, the Honduran Foreign Ministry announced the severance of ties with Taiwan and the establishment of official diplomatic relations with the Chinese authorities. The Honduran Government has also recognized the "one China" principle, according to which Taiwan is an integral part of the PRC. The Chinese Embassy in Honduras opened on June 6, and the diplomatic mission of this Central American country in Beijing - on June 11, writes TASS.