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One-sided measures of the hegemon: China speaks out on new US sanctions against Russia

XVKVLMR32EI6VOINKZJIA3B3HI scaled 1 copy copyThe new US sanctions against Russia can be called "hegemon measures", which are opposed by the entire world community.

This was announced on Friday, April 16, by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

"The new US sanctions against Russia are one — sided measures of the hegemon, which the entire world community opposes," said Zhao Lijian, the official representative of the foreign ministry, during a regular briefing.
According to the diplomat, both countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council, which have a great influence on the international arena."We hope that Moscow and Washington will eliminate mutual contradictions through negotiations, through dialogue," Lijian concluded.
Recall that on April 15, the United States announced the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions.
The restrictions affected 32 legal entities and individuals from Russia who, according to the US presidential administration, "made attempts to influence the US presidential election in 2020, as well as other acts of disinformation and interference." In addition, the restrictions affected the ability of US investors to purchase Russian debt issued by the Central Bank, the National Welfare Fund or the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation after June 14, 2021.
The Russian Foreign Ministry warned of a strong response to US sanctions. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, in turn, said that the new sanctions allow us to talk about lost profits for US financial institutions, since the structure of federal loan bonds (OFZ) is dominated by Russian investors. According to him, Russia will be able to restore its fiscal policy in terms of its impact on the country's debt markets as early as 2021, Izvestia reports.