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The XIII International Film Festival opened in Beijing

AY9vi9HCk24w1ODgs9W40egztXGeW6jpojMpMlLSThe authorities of the Chinese capital on Friday announced the opening of the XIII Beijing International Film Festival (PMKF).

According to tradition, it began with a red carpet ceremony, which was attended by about 200 representatives of the cinema of China and other countries, including Chinese director Zhang Yimou and actor Jackie Chan.
The opening ceremony took place in Huaizhou district in the north of the city. Zhang Yimou, who this year acts as the chairman of the jury of the SPIFF, was the first to walk the path. Under his guidance, many films were shot, including "Hero" (Ying Xiong, 2002), "House of Flying Daggers" (Shi Mian Mai Fu, 2004), "Flowers of War" (Jin Ling Shi San Chai, 2011).
Jackie Chan, who appeared in front of the audience in a strict Chinese jacket, said during the event that he was very pleased to see new actors at the ceremony. The mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympics, a panda named Bing Dongdun, also appeared on the red carpet.
Official film screenings at the SPIFF will begin on April 22 and will last exactly a week. They will be held under the slogan "United by light and shadow - the exchange of experience of civilizations."
Director Ivan Tverdovsky is expected to take part in the PMKF from Russia (films "Like waiting for a bus" (2009), "Dog Buzz" (2013), "Correction Class" (2014), "Flood" (2022), reports TASS.