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Chinese President Xi Jinping said China is preparing for a possible large-scale war

predsedatel siThe People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) and the Chinese people should be fully prepared for a possible large-scale war.

This was stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the annual meeting of the parliament, Foreign Affairs magazine reports.
The magazine's columnists drew attention to the content of the chairman's four speeches during the meetings, at which he stated that he was "preparing China for war," also urging the PLA generals "not to be afraid to fight and make difficult decisions."
"In the face of wars that may be imposed on us, we must speak to our enemies in a language they understand and use victory to win peace and respect. In a new era, the PLA insists on the use of military force to end hostilities," Xi Jinping's essay, which was published before the March sessions of the PRC parliament, says.
It is reported that by Xi's decree, new military commissariats and collection points are being opened throughout China from December 2022 in the interests of the PLA, so that Beijing can "use its reserve forces and institutionalize the system of replenishment of combat units in the event of war as soon as possible," writes Lenta.ru .