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The Chinese Embassy in Seoul protested over the visit of deputies to Taiwan

maxresdefault copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copyThe Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Korea protested because of the visit of South Korean deputies to Taiwan.

"This is a serious violation of the one-China policy, it contradicts the spirit of the joint statement on diplomatic relations, the development of bilateral relations between China and the Republic of Korea," Yonhap news agency quoted the embassy as saying on Thursday.
According to him, at the end of December, the inter-parliamentary friendship group of South Korea and Taiwan visited the island. It was headed by a deputy from the ruling party "Civil Force".
Chinese diplomats called on Seoul to "take timely measures to neutralize the negative impact" of the deputies' trip and continue to refrain from "official exchanges" with the island. During the visit, the delegation met with the head of the Administration of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen and the speaker of the local parliament Yu Sikun.
The largest Chinese island of Taiwan has been governed by its own administration since 1949, but Beijing considers it an integral part of a single country and calls on foreign countries to comply with the "one China" policy. Tensions in the Taiwan Strait region intensified after the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taipei on August 2-3 last year. In response, the People's Liberation Army of China began to conduct regular maneuvers near the island, writes TASS.