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Sanya city actively attracts foreign specialists, including from the Russian Federation

1656530066 3 gas kvas com p krasivie foto goroda sanya 3In 2021, the number of highly qualified specialists of category "A" increased by 200% in annual terms, the city Administration for Science, Industry and Informatization reported.

The authorities of the city of Sanya (southern province of Hainan) have been actively recruiting highly qualified foreign specialists, including from Russia, in recent years. This was reported on Tuesday to a TASS correspondent in the city Administration for Science, Industry and Informatization.

"In recent years, foreign specialists have been attracted to work and open a business in Sanya. From January 2019 to November 2022, against the background of a favorable policy related to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, the number of highly qualified foreign personnel who came to work in Sanya increased significantly. In 2021, the number of highly qualified specialists of category "A" increased by 200% in annual terms," the department reported.

At the end of November 2022, the ministry said, over 400 foreign specialists from 62 countries of the world worked in Sanya. Among them are personnel from Russia, the USA and Thailand, employed in 18 branches of local industry.

Since 2019, the authorities of Hainan Province have been constantly optimizing the business environment and increasing the involvement of highly qualified foreign specialists by simplifying the procedures for processing documents necessary for obtaining a visa and work. To do this, various departments have already created a "single window" service for reviewing job applications as soon as possible online without filling out paper questionnaires. Attracting specialists from abroad is an important part of building a free trade port on Hainan.

The corresponding program was presented in June 2020. It provides for the transformation of the island into a special customs zone. The Government of the country expects to complete the creation of a free port by 2025: by this time, a system of ensuring free trade and investment should be built on the island.

By 2035, the free port and its model will take on more mature forms. By this time, it is planned to ensure freedom of trade and investment, cross-border movement of capital, entry and exit of people, cargo transportation in Hainan TASS, writes.