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At Meilan Airport in Hainan, anti-weed checks of passengers were canceled

inostrancy v aeroportuMeilan International Airport in the Chinese province of Hainan has canceled mandatory anti-smoking checks of passengers and accompanying persons.

This was reported by China Central Television.
According to him, the administration of the air harbor will no longer require tests for coronavirus. Also, the check of the "health code" - a special program on a smartphone confirming that a person is not infected - has been canceled. All epidemic control points at the airport have stopped working.
The authorities left those arriving in Hainan the opportunity to take a free COVID-19 test in the air harbor if desired. In shops and most public establishments, tourists will no longer be required to document the absence of infection. The exceptions are hospitals, karaoke bars, Internet cafes, schools, nursing homes, government agencies and offices of large companies.
In early December, China announced the easing of anti-weed control measures. Infected people are allowed to receive treatment at home. If you need additional medical help, you can voluntarily come to an appointment at one of the nearest specialized infectious diseases hospitals, writes TASS.