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Hainan authorities announced preparations for the "boom" of international consumer tourism

6643591 copyHainan is preparing for the rapid development of the international consumer sector of the tourism industry after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

This was stated by Liu Cheng, deputy of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Broadcasting and Sports of the province.
"The work on the development of culture and tourism in Hainan is still aimed at creating an international consumer center. We will promote the intensive growth of the local tourism industry, <...> in order to create a paradise for shopping, for restoring health, for recreation," the official newspaper Hainan Zhibao quotes. - The tourism sector of our province is recovering quickly, it is vital. Even despite the impact of the pandemic that has been observed over the past two years, he still has a bright future."
Liu Cheng recalled that, despite the difficult international situation, Hainan has recently been able to maintain a positive trend in the development of tourism. According to the deputy head of the department, this sector of the province has a special potential to maintain "the maximum dynamics of recovery after COVID-19 among all regions of China."
As the local authorities commented, Hainan actively attracts both national and foreign resources for the stable development of international consumer tourism. These projects are carried out both in person and online format. Special attention is paid to seasonal factors, the creation of diversified and comprehensive tourist programs.
According to official statistics, more than 81 million tourists visited Hainan in 2021 - this is 97.5% of the pre-pandemic level and 32.5 percentage points higher than the corresponding average indicator of the regions of China. The province's tourism revenues for the period amounted to 138.43 billion yuan ($19.32 billion at the current exchange rate) - 30% more than in 2019, writes TASS.