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In China, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the movement of trains from Xinjiang was stoppe

755847068700601In the future, this decision may be revised depending on the situation.

Due to the prolonged outbreak of the pandemic in the north-west of the country, the Chinese authorities suspended the movement of passenger trains from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR). This was reported on Wednesday by the Beijing newspaper Xinjingbao.
As stated in the official statement of the administration of the XUAR, this measure is aimed at "eliminating the risks associated with the spread of the virus." "In the future, this decision may be revised depending on the situation," it clarifies.
A similar measure has been taken with respect to long-distance buses, which now cannot transport passengers from Xinjiang to other provinces. At the same time, the Chinese government did not interrupt air traffic between the XUAR and other regions of the PRC. According to the decision, flights from the autonomous region can be carried out provided that less than 75% of seats are occupied on the plane.
Another outbreak of coronavirus in Xinjiang began on July 30, but the authorities still cannot eliminate it. Over the past day, 91 infected people were identified in the region. Currently, 355 infected COVID-19 are being treated in medical institutions of the XUAR, all of them are asymptomatic carriers, writes TASS.